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About Us

What’s in Your Story, your Favourite online Bookstore for Pre-Loved books!

We are an online marketplace where circulating libraries, book stores, and individuals can buy and sell/rent pre-loved books. We have an extensive collection of pre-loved books of every genre, which keeps growing day by day. We aim to spread the practice of sustainable reading while supporting small libraries and bookstores by providing them with a platform to rent or sell their books online.

Welcome to What’s in Your Story. We are glad that you are here and ecstatic that you are reading this mini-story of how Winter turned into Spring for an idea that originated in the depths of the Pandemic.

It all started in 2020 when we crowdsourced stories from across generations and states and realized that we all share an inherent affinity towards stories.

We saw an opportunity here and took the storytelling premise to next level by enabling you to create your digital library and take every chance to read, buy and share your books.

What’s in Your Story is a Giant experiment by a few motivated storytellers to formalize the currently scattered re-selling digital marketplace. We are proud to call ourselves the only player set to digitize the used books resale business by connecting sellers directly to the buyers.

You should be able to find an online second-hand book store that wants to buy your old books without worrying about delivery.

Whoever you are, reader, library owner, Seller. Change the way you take care of your books and earn along the way.

What’s in Your Story cordially invited to set up your digital library with us.

Books are stories, They outlast all of us. Help them Sustain

Join us and increase the lifespan of your books today.

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